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The Church of Here Now

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Updated on 01/20/2009

God Bless America, Lets take a moment to say a prayer for all our military service people that may be in harm's way.

**God Bless President Obama**

Why? do I have this site?


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Just a note:

If we all could give to our local food pantry and / or shelter, maybe we could make this a better place (even a new start) for someone in need  Give something to your local charities.

Charity beings at home.

Make your area a better place for all


With Prayer there is HOPE!


Check the Pray for me page.

Become a prayer member.

No login, no need to e-mail me.

Just help yourself and others

with prayer or good thoughts.

My Wife's favorite Prayer


"The Reverend can't save you! 

Only you, can save yourself!"

U.P.S. Sucks

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"Blues Noir"

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