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     About Us

I started this Church and site because there was a vacuum between organized religion and reality.   

Somewhere along the line, we've forgotten... Common Sense

I dislike the idea of being political correct.    

We all say things we don't really mean, we should have the right to dislike anyone we please. 

A joke is a joke.    

A pat on the ass shouldn't be a life altering experience (unless it's a priest and a little boy).

I believe in Christ (my belief), witchcraft, voodoo and most anything that may give one comfort.  Positive thinking and self esteem are the keys to a happy and productive life.  Treat all the way you would like to be treated. Heaven and peace are open to any man or women who lives a good live and takes care of their fellow beings. (IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHAT RELIGION YOU  PLEDGE TO).

I also believe that: Humor is the other key to Life. Saying what you mean. Doing what you say. Not being a kiss ass. Enjoying Life to the utmost. I dislike people that are mean to animals or children and this includes molesting either. Hate is a cancer that will eat you up. I love good women, good motorcycles, good hot rods, good booze, in no special order.


Reverend Colin founded The Church of Here and Now in April of 2002 and it is located somewhere in Saratoga County, NY.

Reverend Colin provides comfort and a shoulder to cry on!  I am here to help and support YOU.

Am I serious???... You can bet your ass I am!!!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Reverend Colin has established a relationship with our Lord (mine, Yours and everyone's) that will last a lifetime, and hopefully a long time after.

Ordained through the Universal Life Church on Thursday, April Eleventh, 2002 (it took me a long time to come to my calling) I'm here for you.

One of my favorite saying is "Jesus loves you........but I think your an asshole." It just seems to sum up most of those Fundamentalist Christians that are Holier than thou.

E-mail Reverend Colin at

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