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UPS Sucks

update, After receiving no calls I finally emailed the customer service rep that had been emailing me. I sent this E-mail. 

A day later I got a call from Eva Woo. (she's hard to understand) She asked if I had digital pictures and to send them to her. I did and received a call the next day stating they found the packing to be good and were sending me the forms for the insurance. I believe it was the statement on the Carmack Amendment that was the closer.

I work god damn hard for the money I make. My wife has M.S. and is now fighting Breast Cancer. I have a vertabrae in my back that has to be taken care of (I hope).

So here goes. I'm leaving this on different forums. Pass it on, tell a friend. Boycott UPS.

Just have to vent.

I shipped an old Yamaha FG-345 to a gent that won the high bid on E-bay. It
was truly a beautiful looking and sounding instrument.

I shipped it in the semi-hard case it came with, packed in some foam and
packing so it wouldn't move nice and snug. Then put it in a
large box (I got a hollow body guitar in) with more packing and cardboard to
keep it stiff and from moving around.

When the buyer receive it is was crushed. Big deal but I had it insured. I
filed a claim and he did the same (he called UPS)

They picked it up and emailed they were shipping it back to me and someone
would be calling. I got one call telling me someone named Eva Woo would call
me by Friday. She never called. I called her on Monday, got an answering
machine and left a message. Last night I found a letter in my mail box from
a third party stating they were handling the claim and weren't paying
because it wasn't packaged correctly. BTW I found the shattered guitar at my

Take a look at the PIC's I have. These are the pictures the buy took. What
do you think? hope this works to get to the site.


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