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My photo storage site shit the bed and without warning went belly up. I will be rerouting this albums shortly.

Jim and Debbie's Wedding

Reverend Colinís New Grand Nephew

The Bailiff Wedding PIC's

Derek & Wendy's Wedding Pic's

Nellie's Shower 06/30/2003


Hap and Cheryl's Wedding June 21, 2003

Clamsteam 2003

p9270030 (2).png

Daytona 2004 Pics

Here's a few PIC's of the congregations trip to Americade 2003



Myrtle Beach 2003 (1)


More Myrtle Beach 2003 (2)  


    Tour PIC's 1       Tour PIC's 2

pa150060.png  pa200036.png

Above are a couple PIC's of the Reverend Colin's Bless the Friends and Family Mooching Tour to Daytona's Biketoberfest. Click on them for more PIC's. Make sure you click the slide show viewer.

Born to Run Clam Steam

Click on the PIC below




The Church had a hearse................but It's gone now

We still have the Cool Bus. Just like the Southern Baptist.


Yes, It says Cool Bus.cause that's what it is and That's Brother Bill!


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