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Dear Diana,
It's now the 18th of Nov. and I've heard nothing. I haven't had a chance to file suit yet because of my wife's chemo, work and my doctor’s appointments.


Monday I will be able to have this taken care of, by filing in small claims at the court house..


Are you familiar with the Carmack Amendment? I find that's my leg to stand on.


I plan on filing suit on all parties including UPS, Company president, CEO, You as a UPS Customer Service representative, Crawford Insurance and Sue Woo.  I suspect I may have punitive damages too.


I have several affidavits from others that have been mistreated and cheated in the same manor. They are from businesses and personal individuals. They all say they will gladly have same affidavits for court. People just like me from all over the United States.


In closing, I hope to hear from you with compensation on this matter by Monday.


Thank you for your time,

Reverend Colin R. Young

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